INTRADAY STOCK FUTURES (Quarterly ₹ 25,000)

Intraday stock futures
In this service we provide 3-4 intraday Stock Futures calls in NSE with a high level of accuracy. You can also avail Free Stock Futures Tips for two days to test our accuracy and if satisfied you can join stock Futures services with Capital Stars.
Usefull For : Intraday Traders
Risk Profile : Medium

Daily 3 to 4 intraday futures calls
Research Report will be provided.
Domestic & World Market Overview.

Sample Call:-
CS Call: Buy ACC Futures above 970 Target 1- 980, Target 2- 992, Target 3- 1007 Stoploss 962

Follow Up:-
CS Update: ACC Futures our 1st Ttarget 980 Achieved Book Partial Profit.

03 months   ₹ 25,000       Pay Now
06 months   ₹ 45,000       Pay Now
12 months   ₹ 72,000       Pay Now
24 months   ₹ 1,25,000    Pay Now

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